The guide for buying the best plasma cutter

buying plasma cutterEarlier, repairers used manual devices like cut-off wheels, saws and shears in order to cut metal items. But now, as technology is progressing, plasma cutters are taking the place of the old saws and blades for cutting through metal. The plasma cutter has really brought about a revolution in the fields of repairing, plumbing and manufacturing. These small but powerful tools can easily cut through any metal in a matter of seconds. They make the process of working on metals faster, efficient and more cost effective.

Nowadays, a plasma cutter has become a major tool for any handyman. Thus, you must know how important it is to buy the best one. However, it can get tricky to buy the best one in this market full of different brands. For this, you can read the detailed guide or you can read this shortened version if you want to save your time.

How will you cut?

Before buying a plasma cutter, you must first think about what type of metal you will cut. There are two different varieties of plasma cutters available. The first one is the handheld one, which has to be moved manually, and the second is the automatic variant, which is mechanized. However, some plasma cutters are available in the market which can do both things. You choice will depend completely upon your convenience of either using your hands for more control, or using the automatic function for more precision and faster cutting.

What will you cut?

Another major thing to keep in mind while choosing the best plasma cutter is the type and the thickness of the material. You must buy a plasma cutter which has enough capacity to cut through the type of metal that you usually use. Also, it must have enough power to cut through the metal thickness that you encounter. Also, the speed of cutting will depend on this. A plasma cutter with high power can easily cut a metal with less thickness at high speed.

Cutting width

This is another important thing to consider while buying a plasma cutter. The cutting width or the cutting kerf actually means how much amount of metal is removed while cutting. This means that those plasma cutters with lesser cutting kerf are very precise, allowing the user to create intricate designs on the object. Also, this will ensure that lesser material is displaced and wasted during the cutting process.

Powering the device

The power rating of the plasma cutter actually depends on its cutting capacity. This can be found out by multiplying its voltage and its amperage. Usually, the user can set the amperage of the device. However, you must check if your house power supply can run the machine with efficiency. But if your power supply is more than enough, then it can damage the plasma cutter too. So, you must also consider you power supply while buying the tool.

For a handyman, choosing a good plasma cutter is extremely important as it’ll help him to do work efficiently. A good plasma cutter not only gives a high quality finish to the work, but also does the work quickly. This guide will help you buy the best plasma cutter.

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