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Restrict your kids with software help

kids restrictionThe use of computers has practically become mandatory in all schools. But the use of computers brings along with it several ill practices that can hamper your children. KidsWatch is a software that can provide efficient time and access control so as to keep your kids away from any kind of trouble.

KidsWatch is among the best Parental Control Software solution, as it is filled with many optional benefits and features. It can customize your kid’s computer in a way, you as a parent, would want them to experience it.

The various features offered by this software are:

Time Management – With this software you can setup the time for which your kids will be on the computer. Its settings can be defined in a way such that playtime and homework time are separate. Computer time abuse is restricted.

Monitoring Chat Sessions – KidsWatch supports Myspace, Facebook, Yahoo, MSN, AOL AIM, Jabber and ICQ. KidsWatch monitors several keywords in your kid’s chat sessions which may be potentially harmful. These keywords can be configured to trigger an email alert.

Block Unwanted Websites – ‘How do I block porn sites from my children?’ is a question every parent has to deal with. KidsWatch has thousands of websites that are categorized as inappropriate. Once activated, it ensures that these websites can’t be accessed by your kids. It includes a dynamic categorization engine which reads the contents of a particular website and if found inappropriate, the kid will be denied access.

Block Web Contents – Apart from blocking inappropriate websites, KidsWatch also blocks other unwanted web contents. For instance, your kid maybe surfing a completely safe website, but it may contain links and advertisements to unsafe websites. These can be effectively blocked by using KidsWatch.

Customizable Settings – One of the standout features of KidsWatch is its easily customizable settings. The default settings for kids are defined as follows:

  • Teens (14-18) Light Restrictions.
  • Adolescents (11-13) Medium Restrictions.
  • Youngsters (8-10) Moderate Restrictions.
  • Children (7 and under) Heavy Restrictions.

Apart from these default settings, the user too can define a different set of settings, post which KidsWatch will monitor your kid’s activities and take action when necessary.

Predator Alerts – Many children are targeted and exploited by Internet Predators. They may guise themselves as peers or harmless ’Internet friends’, but always be wary of them. KidsWatch features such as Chat Monitoring and Email Alert reduce exposure to these Internet predators to a great extent.

E-Mail Alert – As mentioned earlier, KidsWatch monitors your kid’s chat sessions and triggers an email alert in case of use of any harmful keywords. Whenever your child will step outside the boundaries of safe surfing, customized by you, you will receive an email alert, notifying you of any such occurrence. Another feature known as KidsWatch Reporting enables parents to review websites your child visits, time and date of activity, programs they use and online chats.

Formed by a group of concerned parents who understood the potential danger of Internet for young minds, KidsWatch has seen immense growth over the past 9 years of its existence. So if you are troubled about your child’s computer use, buy yourself KidsWatch.

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