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iPhone, iPod, Android Home Automation Circuit Breakers

light controleKeypad Pro is an application that provides mobile control of an ELK M1 system on your iPhone or iPod touch. From alarm functionality to lighting controls, eKeypad Pro allows you to view and control all aspects of your installation. This includes:

  • Area status information, with support for multiple areas.
  • Alarm Functionality: Arming, Disarming and Status indicators
  • Keypad functionality: Function Keys, Function Key Status Lights
  • Elk internal task activation
  • Lighting control (UPB, X-10, On-Q, Centralite, Lutron Radio RA, Z-wave and C-BUS)
  • Relay Output control
  • Thermostat control (RCS, HAI, and Aprilaire)
  • Zone status information and bypass control
  • Temperature sensors (probes, keypads and thermostats)
  • View IP Cameras and DVRs

Additionally, eK Pro is focused on providing easy and convenient  access. The current release supports:

  • Support for both the secured and unsecured ports of the Elk-M1XEP.
  • Configurable interface. Change the app layout to suit your needs.
  • Favorites screen. Consolidate commonly used elements to one screen.
  • Full automatic caching of panel details and configuration.
  • Easy access to multiple M1 panels from within the application.

eKeypad Pro is an advanced iPhone App for your Elk M1 system. It also comes in more lightweight versions, including eKeypad M1 (an intermediate level iPhone App) and eKeypad Alarm (a basic iPhone App).

Circuit Breaker Home Automation

With the popularity of using the powerline for lighting control such as UPB and X10, the time will come when things dont work and troubleshooting will be due. An example would be where devices work in one part of the house, while others in a different location dont work at all. This problem usually means a lack of signal in one part of the house.

Before going any further, let me clarify some of the jargon associated with this subject. In a typical residence, the electrical power to the homes load center, or circuit breaker panel, is 120/240-VAC, single-phase, and comes in on three wires. Two of the wires are hot, with the third being the neutral wire. The two hot wires, Line 1 and Line 2, when measured with an AC Voltmeter across L1 and L2, will show a potential of 240 VAC. If either L1 or L2 is measured with respect to neutral, the potential will be 120 VAC.

L1 and L2 are loosely referred to as phase 1 and phase 2 by the powerline community, and for sake of this topic, L and phase will mean one in the same. Phase coupling is a term used to describe a device that allows powerline signals to pass between the two electrical phases.

Take a look at this circuit breaker panel. Note that the left and right row of circuit breakers do not indicate that the left row is on L1 and the right is on L2. Adjacent breakers on the same row are on opposite phases.

Heres another breaker panel, but this time with a few added phase coupling devices. See how the couplers are across 240 VAC?

So thats how your read your circuit-breaker panel, with a little bit of powerline troubleshooting to boot. Now go out there and flip the lid on your panel and take a peek inside!

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