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How to choose the best air purifier?

The air around you is not pure all the time. Different types of gases, dust, germs and smoke mix together to make the air impure. This impure and dirty air cannot be breathed in by you. An air purifier is needed when your house needs to have cleaned up air. All the health threatening air contaminants are eliminated by air purifier to make the air absolutely pure.

The best air purifier for smoke helps to remove the smoke of tobacco from your house and it is perfect for the patients who suffer from asthma and allergies.

A list of all kinds of air purifiers is given as follows –


Impure air is filtered by an air purifier with the help of a special complex filter attached inside it. 95% of the germs are removed by an air purifier with the aid of filters. These air purifiers have cooling/heating system. Synthetic fibres, cotton, foam or fiberglass are used to make these filters. These types of air filters are a bit costly. You have to change these filters after some time to ensure its 100% working capacity. All the bad odours and unhealthy bacteria will be eliminated by such air purifiers.

Ionizing Purifiers

Corona discharge, a certain technique, is used by ionizing purifiers. Positively charged protons, negatively charged electrons, atoms and ions are involved in this technique. It creates a small electric field and ionizes the dust and germs when they pass through the electric field. A negative or a positive charge will be gained by these germs while passing through the electric field. After becoming ionized, opposite charged particles are attracted and eliminated from the air by them.


HEPA filters

HEPA filters are actually High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters. Air purifiers that use HEPA filters are best for eliminating smoke and dust from your home. All the rules about the removal of unhealthy contaminants in the air as described by the Department of Energy are followed by air purifiers with HEPA filters.



Ozone Generators

Ozone GeneratorThis type of air purifier has similar features like that of ionizing purifier. The transformation of oxygen molecules into ozone is the little difference between these two air purifiers. Air will be disinfected and the entire room will be deodorized with the help of special features of ozone generators. This type of air purifier is one of the best devices available in the market.



UV Light

Ultraviolet radiations are used by UV light air purifiers. Different micro organisms like germs, bacteria and allergens are converted into sterile and harmless particles with the help of UV light. It eliminates all the harmful germs to protect your health.


Adsorbent materials are contained by this type of air purifier. All kinds of smoke, smells and chemicals that are found inside your house are eliminated by adsorbents. Adsorption is a process that traps the unhealthy substances to ensure the good health of your family members. Active charcoal is an example of adsorbent.

Consider all the features of different types of air purifiers so that you can find the best air purifier for your family.

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