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Category Archives: Car security

Compact comparison between today’s and 1990’s cars

1990carsDo you feel worried about losing your car to the car thief? Are you looking for information to budge the security features available in today’s time? Then you must avail the idea by comparing to the 1990’s cars to understand the security measures present in new age cars.

Car theft issue restricted the possible buyers to own a car to complete the need of transportation. Cars are not cheap. So losing one may be hurtful for all people. But the manufacturing companies are including several security features to protect them from the unwanted individuals. This is further described by the survey done by agency. This elaborates the decreasing number of the theft crimes in present times.

The improved technology has introduced several security and safety features attached with the vehicles in recent times. The manufacturers are concentrating more and more on security to compensate the demand among the customers. Security is what matters during the operation of any engine. Any type of machine with high level of life threatening incidents are being avoided by the humans in a steady way.

Even before 20 years, the car companies were concentrating on long bonnets with stylish features. Style mattered mostly. But several high profile car crashing incident changed this requirement among the present type of customers. Fuel efficiency was not great also. This attracted heavy amount during the usage of the vehicles. For the reason, many buyers avoided purchasing cars of any type during 1990’s also.

The issues of 1990’s cars

-Machine related problems
1990’s cars didn’t have the powerful machines. Some of them had with loads of complications.
-Burglary related issues
Theft and burglary created several nuisances related to vehicles. Because of the unimproved security features, users never felt safe riding the cars.
-Durability related issues
Durability matters in a wide way during the running time of the vehicles. A powerful machine can run without any hitches. But 1990’s cars were not made by keeping the durability issues.

Features attached with present vehicles

GPS tracking facility has improved the situation by providing navigation possibility. Now stolen cars can be tracked using GPS to gain it back from the thief.

Safety locking system:
Safety locking system is being attached with all the cars in present days. After a driver closes the door, he or she can lock the vehicle by a single click only.

Car alarms:
If an unauthorised person tries to open the car, a car alarm will sound its ring by providing attention to the owner. This opportunity has been proved benefit to tackle the security of the cars in real time.

How to select the best model providing best security

-List the features you want by reading the specifications of different models.
-Make a budget under which you want to make the purchase
-Get a number from a known member satisfied with his vehicle security features
-Talk to the sellers about the different types available by briefing your budget and requirement
-Use the test drive to understand its specifications.